Running Classic ASP on Azure

By default, classic asp is not enabled on a Windows Azure Web Role. You can easily install it with a startup task:

1. Create a Startup.cmd file in your ASP.NET project.

2. By default text files are saved as ‘Unicode (UTF-8 with signature) – Codepage 65001’. Unfortunatly this seems to add an extra unwanted character to the start of the file, which prevents the script form being run. Go to ‘Advanced Save Options…’ in the file menu of Visual Studio, and select ‘US-ASCII – Codepage 20127’.

3. On the properties of this file, set ‘Copy to Output Directory’ to ‘Copy if newer’.

4. Add this line to the file:

start /w pkgmgr /iu:IIS-ASP

5. Modify your ServiceDefinition file, to add the startup task:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<ServiceDefinition name="ClassicASPonAzure" xmlns="">
  <WebRole name="WebRole1" vmsize="ExtraSmall">
      <Task commandLine="Startup.cmd" executionContext="elevated" taskType="simple" />

6. Publish your instance, and you should have classic ASP enabled.