Windows Azure 2.0 – the smaller changes

On the 7th of June a number of large changes were made to Windows Azure, amongst these big announcements a number of smaller changes were made, which haven’t caught people’s attention quite so much. Here’s what I have found so far:

  1. 20 storage accounts per subscription (used to be 5).
  2. The new portal allows you to update Cloud Service Roles independently (you did have to update a whole deployment at a time).
  3. Blobs can now be copied between storage accounts.
  4. The service definition schema was updated to include ‘InstanceInputEndpoints’, giving each instance it’s own port number, so you can directly address worker/web roles through the load balancer.
  5. A ‘LoadBalanerProbe’ allows you to specify a custom URL for the load balancer to inspect the health of your web role.
  6. The new 1.7 SDK can be installed side-by-side with the 1.6 SDK.
  7. The 1.7 SDK works with Visual Studio 11.
  8. UDP is enabled.
  9. Shared access signatures available for tables and queues.
  10. Azure Web Sites work with SSL out of the box.