Welcome to Muon


There has been a gap in the market for a while now for a simple, open source wiki based on Windows Azure Storage (I think).

I decided to create a Wiki using Azure Websites, and Blob Storage. My aim was to build something that gives you good scalability and maximum value for money on the Azure platform (i.e. you can run it for next to no cost).

Compute is usually the more expensive part of a cloud bill, so Muon is designed to work using the minimum amount of website resource. Instead of serving pages from the web server, content is delivered directly out of blob storage. The website is only used to authenticate the user, and create a shared access signature, giving the user permission to read and write data to storage. The server-side code is node.js, so a free website should handle quite a few users.


You can allow public read/write access to Muon if you want, or choose to restrict access down to individuals. Twitter is used for authentication.


Muon uses Markdown as the text syntax, and the Ace editor. It’s nice and quick to use, without too much complexity.


All revisions are kept (as blob snapshots) so you get a complete version history.

You can install Muon in an Azure Website using git:


You can try out a read only wiki here: