One Commit a Day #codevember

I thought it would be fun to try and make at least one commit to an open source project on GitHub every day for the month of November. It beats growing facial hair, and benefits the OSS community. I don’t promise to make some amazing commit to the linux kernel, or solve world peace, I may just update one of my own projects or fix a small bug somewhere else. OSS is the sum total of a lot of small contributions, and that’s all I’m aiming to do.

I’ll update this post with progress, or you can check my GitHub profile.

I encourage you to do the same. Let’s make it a thing #codevember.


Day 1 – AzureRunMe

A nice easy start, I upgraded the AzureRunMe project to the latest version of the Azure SDK (2.2).

View the pull request.

Day 2 – MuonRedux

This is my personal wiki, which I use for making notes. It uses dropbox for storage. Upgraded to bootstrap 3, and support folders.

View the commit. View the app.

Day 3 – NodeStorageExplorer

My lightweight and quick node.js app for browsing Azure Storage. I fixed it up, and upgraded to bootstrap 3. This app could do with some serious improving, feel free to help out!

View the commit. View the app.

Day 4 – NetMFAzureStorage

Contributed (whether he likes it or not) to Andy Cross’ storage client for the .NET Micro Framework.

View the pull request.

Day 5 – gluon.js

Created a JavaScript library for dynamic templating in twitter bootstrap.

View the commit.

Day 6 – Scoop & AzurePluginLibrary

Added a custom bucket to install APM using Scoop. View the commit.

Added Scoop as a plugin in the AzurePluginLibrary. View the commit.

Day 7 – NetMFAzureStorage (again)

Added an experimental feature to use reflection to discover types when inserting into tables.

View the commit.

Day 8 – Scoop-Extras

Added the Nano text editor to the scoop-extras repo.

View the pull request.

Day 9 – NetMFAzureStorage (again!!)

Added some more experimental code to read table entities the horrible way.

View the commit.

Day 10 – NodeStorageExplorer (again)

Add support for downloading private blobs.

View the commit.

Day 11 – NetMFAzureStorage

Added table querying support

View the pull request.

Day 12 – Gluon

Add the ability to turn a form back into a JavaScript object

View the commit.

Day 13 – Side Waffle

Added a Windows Azure Cloud Service Plugin Template to the Side Waffle library

View the pull request.

Day 14 – Muon Redux

Added icons to the buttons and lists.

View the commit.

Day 15 – AzureDirectory

Brushed up some of the code in my fork of the AzureDirectory project.

View the commit.

Day 16 – Windows Azure Python SDK

Upgraded the X_MS_VERSION header to enable cross-account blob copy.

View the pull request.

Day 17 – NetMFAzureStorage

Added table entity update

View the commit.

Day 18 – NetMFAzureStorage

Added documentation and refactored project structure.

View the pull request.

Day 19 – NetMFAzureStorage

Fixed a bug on table writes.

View the commit.

Day 20 – MuonRedux

Added grunt to build dependencies.

View the commit.

Day 21 – NetMFAzureStorage

Added table entity delete.

View the commit.

Day 22 – NetMFStorage

Updated the readme file

View the commit.

Day 23 – FAIL!

Day 24 – Azure Directory

Tidy up.

View the commit.

Day 25 – AzureDirectory

Made blob compression an option rather than a debug symbol.

View the commit.

Day 26 – AzureDirectory

Switched close to dispose on streams

View the commit.

Day 27 – AzureDirectory

Refactored code.

View the commit.

Day 28 – Scoop

Added support for escript.exe.

View the pull request.

Day 29 – github/gitignore

Added node_modules directory for the .gitignore file for Visual Studio.

View the pull request.

Day 30 – AzureTableBackup

Created a utility to backup and restore Windows Azure Table Storage.

View the commit.

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