Running Codename Orleans on Ubuntu



Yesterday I did a presentation on Orleans. Afterwards I was chatting to Richard Conway. He told me he was thinking of getting Orleans to run on Linux to solve a data analytics problem. “Good luck” I said.

Today I thought I’d give it a try. Here’s what I did:

  1. Built an Orleans project using Visual Studio.

  2. Took a blank Ubuntu 14 image.

  3. Installed Mono:

  $ sudo apt-get install mono-complete
  1. Copied the Orleans local silo binaries onto the Ubuntu machine. The files are located here:
  C:\Microsoft Codename Orleans SDK v0.9\SDK\LocalSilo\
  1. Copied the grains DLLs into the same ‘LocalSilo’ directory.

(usually these are placed into an ‘Applications’ directory for you by a post-compilation step in the grain implementation project, but placing the binaries in this location didn’t seem to work for me).

  1. Started the Silo:
  $ mono OrleansHost.exe
  1. Started my client application in the same way:
  $ mono ConsoleApplication1.exe

It just worked :¬)

I don’t expect you’ll get any support running Orleans on Linux, but it’s interesting that you can!

Note: I didn’t have any persistence providers configured in the ‘OrleansConfiguration.xml’ file.