Public IP Addresses for Microsoft Azure

Microsoft publish a list of public IP addresses for the compute services hosted in their Azure Datacenters. When they say ‘compute’ they also include SQL Database, and the storage accounts seem to be included too.

I thought it would be interesting to write a script to count the total number of IP addresses available for each DC.

Here’s a pretty graph.


Whilst the number of public IPs is no way of working out the number of machines provisioned in each DC, it does at least give you an idea of the magnitude of each of the regions.

Some interesting things to note:

  1. The EU data centers are similar sizes, Dublin being slightly bigger.
  2. The 5 DCs in Asia, Brazil and Japan added together are smaller than US West.
  3. The total number of IPs is just over 1 million.
  4. There seems to be a step change between the largest 6, the next 4, and then the 3 small (and new) DCs in Japan and Brazil.
  5. US West is 28 times larger than Brazil South.
  6. Almost 60% of the IPs are in the USA.

Here’s my processed data in table:

DC Total public IP addresses
uswest 179504
useast 155808
europenorth 150400
europewest 144320
usnorth 118112
ussouth 109120
asiaeast 62384
uscentral 62336
asiasoutheast 57440
useast2 46832
japanwest 18912
japaneast 10976
brazilsouth 6288
TOTAL 1122432

I think it will be really interesting to keep an eye on the IP ranges, and see how they change over time (or is it just me?).

I also published a tool to look up if an IP (or domain name) is hosted in Azure, it also tells you which DC it’s in.