Public IP Addresses for Amazon

I previously blogged about the public IP address ranges for Azure.

The public IP addresses ranges for Amazon has recently been updated. Amazon has over 8 million addresses, which is 8 times the number Azure has.

Interestingly, these are not so evenly distributed:


Raw data:

DC Total public IP addresses
US East (Northern Virginia) 3694592
US West (Oregon) 1507328
EU (Ireland) 1332224
Asia Pacific (Tokyo) 739328
US West (Northern California) 655360
Asia Pacific (Sydney) 327680
Asia Pacific (Singapore) 313344
South America (Sao Paulo) 245760
China (Beijing) 65536
GovCloud 16384
TOTAL 8897536

I have also updated my tool to look up which DC a website is hosted in, to include the Amazon IP ranges.